Welcome to Tamanes Software

Tamanes Software has been active from March of the year 2000, and specialized in programming in MicroSoft Visual C++, MicroSoft C#, MicroSoft Visual Basic, and MicroStation Development Language.

Tamanes Software has experience in programs for land surveying. It did several projects for Fugro-Inpark B.V., a big Dutch engineering company, and for Fugro Aerial Mapping B.V.. In these projects, a large amount of tasks were programmed in the field of survey and real estate registration.

Tamanes Software is located in Juigalpa, in central Nicaragua. That this location is rather far from where the programs are used, nowadays is no longer an issue, in this era of Internet. Neither is the possible time difference with the users always a disadvantage. It often provides the opportunity to have some extra time for perfection, before the other, at the other side of the world, wakes up.

Although the 'workplace' has a somewhat messy character, Tamanes Software knows that it is the content of the products that matters, that every semicolon counts in the world of software, and that an additional test never hurts.

The name of Tamanes comes from an ancient legend.